Knee pads?

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Be a good boy and strip. I mean it, strip completely. Push your chair out of the way and get on your knees. Right there at your computer desk.

Don’t touch yourself.

Now, open a browser to your favorite porn site. Put the speakers up, maybe even put some knee pads on. Get comfy… you’ll be there a while.

Don’t touch yourself.

Let’s check out a new category. Yup, Watch a video for cocksucking. Pay close attention to that big dick sliding in and out of that tight mouth.

Don’t touch yourself.

Now find a prop, a dildo… anything suitable. Start lathering it up in your mouth. Play with it.

Still no touching.

Go at the speed you see in the video. Fast, slow, swirl… monkey see, monkey do.

Now stroke.

Come on, stroke it.

Tee hee, you’re a dirty little cocksucker.

I would be thrilled to bits to walk you through this simple exercise anytime on the phone.

You know the number.

Tech tipsComputer Tricks


Levels of Intoxication

Nope, this post isn’t about DUIs or DWIs… it’s about cock. What is your level of intoxication when it comes to cock?

Are you a spectator? Someone who enjoys looking at gay porn or maybe fantasizes on a regular basis about cock.

Are you a dabbler? Someone who has enjoyed cock from time to . . . → Read More: Levels of Intoxication


Last Chance to Play for Free

Hey there dirty little cocksuckers, lol. I have a little notice for you. Many of you attend my Creature of the Night Show on Friday nights. Unfortunately, this upcoming Friday will be the last episode. So for those of you tired of the freebie audios and want to take advantage of the last chance . . . → Read More: Last Chance to Play for Free


PingPong Playtime

Think about a ping pong ball. Imagine that small white ball bouncing back and forth….

Over the net, hitting a paddle, slammed back and then hit again. Smacked at both ends. Each time with a bit more controlled vigor.

Close your eyes and imagine you are the ping pong ball. You are getting smacked . . . → Read More: PingPong Playtime


Lollipop Training

So sometimes I have puppets that want to learn how to suck cock. Among other questions, I like to know what sort of props are available. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I have a caller that has no props to speak of.

I thought it was a bit of Macguyver meets kink the other . . . → Read More: Lollipop Training


Did I say Sloppy?

Okay you little cocksucking puppets!

I know my last post was about the greatness of sloppy cocksucking… but what about sloppy seconds? That’s right, for those of you that are maybe new to cocksucking – this could be a great entry into a whole new world of fun!

Think about it. Wouldn’t you love . . . → Read More: Did I say Sloppy?


Sloppy Cocksucking

Cocksucking by nature is not a prim and proper activity. However, some people need to be reminded of just how hot sloppy cocksucking can be. In real life it is hard to be so messy. Why is that? Are we all that concerned about getting spit on the sheets?¬† I think that’s pretty funny . . . → Read More: Sloppy Cocksucking


Cocksucker Gym

Just imagine it….

A true cocksucker gym. All the hot young studs with huge dicks lining the walls… and all you dirty little cockwhores shoulder to shoulder taking them in. Swapping, switching… all sucking and licking to your hearts content.

So many of the fanasies around cocksucking are placed in gyms. This is probably . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Gym


Cumshots at the Gloryhole

So many cocksuckers get their start at gloryholes. And for good reason, supply and demand. You want cock… there it is. No wishy washy talk about when and where you just go and get on your knees. Now, a lot of guys prefer to be nasty little cum eaters and suck down that hotness, . . . → Read More: Cumshots at the Gloryhole


Information on Cocksucking

For all the different ways one can suck a cock, there is very little information on cocksucking available. I mean sure, you can find porn videos galore and if you search “how to suck a cock” a lot of¬†articles will come up… but what about just plain ole information on cocksucking. This post will . . . → Read More: Information on Cocksucking