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Information on Cocksucking by Ms HollyFor all the different ways one can suck a cock, there is very little information on cocksucking available. I mean sure, you can find porn videos galore and if you search “how to suck a cock” a lot of¬†articles will come up… but what about just plain ole information on cocksucking. This post will go over three different dimensions of cocksucking. Think of it as an adult geography lesson! We will go over adult bookstore cocksucking, cocksucking in public and car cocksucking… let’s begin!

Adult Bookstore Cocksucking

A very common way to start sucking cock. I’m not quite sure how this came about or how large your city has to be to have one, but a lot of adult bookstores across the country have booths in the back. In fact, this is a very popular type of call for me. Many of my clients will either call me to talk about their adult bookstore cocksucking experience or they even have me on the line during the act. I find these type of calls really, really fun! The way it works is… you go into a booth and leave the door slightly ajar. If you are a bit more courageous, you might even stand outside the booth and make contact with the “partner” of your choice. The biggest obstacle I have found is for many patrons they either want to suck or be sucked. Very few guys will go either way. I’m not quite sure why that is… maybe the fetish has to be so strong that for you to go through with adult bookstore cocksucking, you *must* have it your way!

Cocksucking in Public

Not a hugely popular call for me, but it is prevalant out in the world. Cocksucking in public is often the first experience people have. Depending on the time of day (or night) and the location, it is fairly safe. Now… it’s also technically illegal so I am not saying you should do this. I am just offering it as an option. This is after all about information on cocksucking. It would be a crime not to mention cocksucking in public. Obviously doing any sexual act in public adds excitement because of the chance of getting caught. Unfortunatley, it also increases the likelihood of an early finish. So for newbies cocksucking in public is great, but for real true lovers of cock… this isn’t a good option.

Car Cocksucking

Famously a running joke… car cocksucking is something that is typically for the ladies. You know which one I am talking about? The wife or girlfriend goes down on the guy, he gets in an accident and she blames him. Okay, I didn’t say it was a *funny* joke. Anywho, sucking cock in a car is something just as easy and probably just as common for gay men. Or, bi curious. Whatever. This ties into the need for naughtiness in public with a much lower risk of detection. So if cocksucking in public sounds like a blast, but you are a bit timid – try it in the car. Again, this could be dangerous in a moving car so be careful. If however you are detected by another person, you could probably play off that you were picking something off the floorboard. Of course, as long you don’t still have cum on your lips!

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