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Ms Holly It doesn’t much matter if you are talking anal play, cocksucking or just plain penetration… size matters! Often times I coax my cuckolding phonesex boys along by reminding them that their partner is being touched in places they have never touched her. Why haven’t they touched her there? Because they simply are not big enough to reach that far. Pity.

So for those of you that might be a bit on the teeny side… let me encourage you. Size matters. And for some women, you have just the right size they need. Maybe the girl is brand new to cocksucking or anal…. surely you can imagine that a smaller partner makes the whole experience a bit less… intimidating?

So for you tiny fellas, rejoice. Cocksucking might just be the best thing for you. All those 9″ers out there cannot possibly know the feeling of a girl taking your cock and balls completely in her mouth for minutes at a time. And for those of you new to cocksucking yourself… keep this in mind as you find your newest playmate. Scan the bar for the fella looking a little light. He might be on the fence about having you suck his cock… until he realizes how good you can do it.

And for you big guys – congrats! You might never have a partner to fuck anally…. but you might find two new cocksuckers to share in your manhood. How good would that feel? Two wet tongues dancing up and down your shaft? Yumm… sends shivers straight to my pussy just thinking about it.

So the next time you contemplate calling me for a steamy coerced bi phone session, think about size. The size you have and the size you want – in your mouth! I can confess freely that sucking cock will be one of the most erotic things you ever do.

Take a second and imagine that heat on your face from his crotch, the spit sliding out the edges of your mouth. You have never felt so submissive. So completely controlled. Yes… get all worked up. And then get those fingers dialing! I would love to share this and many other fantasies with you!



Ready? Give me a call @ 800-601-6975

 Must be 18+

Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Discreetly billed to your credit card

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